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    B.I.G(0) @ Sifin Grim Roks(1)
    B.I.G(0) @ Cya(10)
    TD Badgers(10) @ Yung Money(20)
    Sifin Grim Roks(13) @ Cya(14)
    TD Badgers(34) @ B.I.G(6)
    Yung Money(18) @ Cya(9)
    Sifin Grim Roks(6) @ TD Badgers(28)
    Sifin Grim Roks(39) @ Cya(12)
    B.I.G(3) @ TD Badgers(23)
    Yung Money(25) @ B.I.G(10)
    Cya(7) @ TD Badgers(22)
    Cya(2) @ Yung Money(21)
    Sifin Grim Roks(14) @ Yung Money(45)
    TD Badgers(7) @ Sifin Grim Roks(20)
    B.I.G(26) @ Cya(16)
    Yung Money(2) @ TD Badgers(7)
    Sifin Grim Roks(21) @ B.I.G(16)
    TD Badgers(35) @ Cya(0)
    Sifin Grim Roks(3) @ Yung Money(30)
    Yung Money(28) @ B.I.G(7)
    Sifin Grim Roks(27) @ Cya(9)
    TD Badgers(3) @ B.I.G(10)
    TD Badgers(13) @ Yung Money(31)
    B.I.G(13) @ Sifin Grim Roks(22)
    Yung Money(33) @ Cya(0)
    Cya(3) @ B.I.G(19)
    Sifin Grim Roks(26) @ TD Badgers(20)
    B.I.G(3) @ Yung Money(35)
    Yung Money(9) @ Sifin Grim Roks(16)
    Cya(7) @ TD Badgers(16)

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